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The Start Zone

Launch the Start Zone at any time from the Create screen by clicking on the Start Button icon in the top left corner.

It will display automatically at launch if you have disabled the Welcome Screen.


The Start Zone is a porthole to starting new projects, accessing saved work, information about FotoFusion, and accessing graphics.


Start wheel





Click on NEW PROJECT to start a project from scratch.
You will see a selection of available page and album sizes.
Only the items that conform to your license type will be displayed:

Essentials users will see single-sheet pages up to 12"x12"
Enhanced users will see single-sheet pages up to 13"x19"
Extreme users will see all available sizes
YearbookFusion users may only see their yearbook manufacturer's custom presets.


Learn more about setting your canvas size in the New Projects section of this manual.

File New



Click on LOAD to open saved projects and templates. FotoFusion will display the default directory for FotoFusion projects (C:\My Collages\My Documents). You can navigate to any sub-folder on your system to display other saved projects, including templates.
Consult the section of this manual entitled File & Project Management to learn more about loading, saving, deleting and other features related to file management. YearbookFusion users with remote storage enabled will also be able to choose to open project from the server, providing they are not locked.



Click on MARKETPLACE to view templates and kits you can use to start your composition. Full details on the dotScrap marketplace are detailed in this user's manual in the section entitled The dotScrap Marketplace. (This feature may be disabled in some YearbookFusion installations.)


Marketplace - Start





Click on LEARN to view tutorial information. You can access the online Frequently Asked Questions database, or launch this user's manual, or look at tutorial videos.


Learn - Start



Click on AUTO to launch the AutoCollage Wizard. Full details of this feature are documented in the AutoTools section of this manual.

AutoCollage Wizard



Connect to LumaPix

Click on CONNECT TO LUMAPIX to view the latest news about FotoFusion and LumaPix, access the user's forum, check for new updates to the software, send an email to support, or request a callback from support. (This feature may be disabled in some YearbookFusion installations.)


Connect to LumaPix

Bundled Content

Click on BUNDLED CONTENT to see all graphic materials that are included with your license and other info. The Bundled content associated with your license will display by default.
Note: This list will grow over time, and is only accessible when FotoFusion is launched with an active internet connection.
The content displayed is located on the LumaPix server. Clicking on any thumbnail will launch the item onto your canvas.



Users who have installed FotoFusion from the live web build will see a bundled content window as show above. Users who have installed FotoFusion from a printable album bundle will see the additional tab options, with content originating from several sources. Click on each tab to see the additional content that is available to you. These items will also display under the "free" tabs of the search hovers on the Create screen.

bundled content tabs



Also accessible under the Bundled Content list is a "Featured" tab, to show items that may be of interest to you that are included with your license type, and a "Run As" tab, to allow you to try out FotoFusion in another license type. The Run As option is useful if you are using FotoFusion in trial mode, to determine what license level is right for you, or to try out a higher license type if you are considering upgrading your license.

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